Highly experienced at producing booklets & magazines

At Paul Clark Printing we are highly experienced at producing booklets and print many magazines for customers all over the UK.

We also produce our own monthly magazine for the Halstead District and a bimonthly magazine for Haverhill (see the What’s On page for more info).

Stapled Booklets

We can produce saddle stitched (staple bound) booklets up to 80 pages thanks to our Duplo booklet maker. We can provide a variety of different booklet options, from matt, gloss or silk inside pages, black and white or full colour print. You can also save costs by having a full colour glossy cover and black and white inside pages. We’re always happy to help our customers choose the right booklet for them, and to help keep costs as low as possible.

Note: Please remember that to produce a stapled booklet, these need to be with pages in multiples of 4. For example 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 pages etc. This is because stapled booklets are made by folding sheets of paper together and stapling them. 1 piece of paper folded = 4 pages.

Perfect Bound Booklets

Do you want a booklet with more than 80 pages? A perfect bound booklet may be the choice for you. Glued at the spine for durability, these are perfect for when you need a lot of pages but in smaller quantities.

Orders of Service

These are Staple bound and can be printed on matt, gloss or silk. Thicker cover paper optional. Ideal for funerals or weddings.

Some Recent Booklets & Magazines

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